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Pursuant to a Contract

Pursuant to a Contract: Understanding the Legalese

When it comes to legal documents, it`s not uncommon to come across the phrase “pursuant to a contract”. While it may seem like just another piece of legal jargon, understanding what it means can be important for anyone dealing with legal agreements. In this article, we`ll take a closer look at what this phrase means and how it`s used.

What does “pursuant to a contract” mean?

The phrase “pursuant to a contract” simply means that something is being done in accordance with or as a result of a contract. In other words, if someone is acting pursuant to a contract, they are following the terms and conditions of a contract that has been agreed upon by both parties. This phrase is often used in legal documents to establish that an action or agreement is legally binding and enforceable.

When is “pursuant to a contract” used?

“Pursuant to a contract” is a common phrase used in different types of legal documents. For example, it may appear in a court order to enforce a contract, or in a business agreement between two parties. This phrase is especially important in contracts for sale of goods or services, where a clear understanding of the terms of the agreement is necessary for both parties.

Why is “pursuant to a contract” important for SEO?

As a copy editor, understanding legal terminology such as “pursuant to a contract” is important for SEO (search engine optimization). When creating website content for businesses that deal with legal documents, it`s essential to use the correct legal terminology to ensure the content is accurate and informative for readers.

Using legal jargon correctly can also improve the website`s search engine ranking. Search engines take into account the use of legal terminology to determine the relevance and specificity of content. If a website uses the correct legal terminology in its content, search engines are more likely to consider the website authoritative and relevant for searches related to that topic.


In conclusion, “pursuant to a contract” is an important legal phrase that is often used in legal documents to establish the enforceability of a contract. As a professional, understanding legal terminology and using it correctly can improve the relevance and specificity of website content, which can ultimately improve the website`s search engine ranking.