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Ppl Performer Share Agreement

As a professional, I understand the importance of utilizing keywords and phrases to ensure that a website`s content is easily discoverable by search engines. That`s why I`ll be diving into the topic of “ppl performer share agreement” in this article.

First, let`s start with some context. PPL stands for Phonographic Performance Limited, a UK-based organization that licenses the use of music played in public or broadcasted on TV, radio, or online. Performers, on the other hand, refer to recording artists, musicians, singers, and composers who create the music.

A performer share agreement outlines the percentage of revenue earned from the use of music that goes to the performers. PPL defines a performer as “an individual who performs on the sound recording as an instrumentalist or vocalist.” This includes both featured artists and session musicians.

In general, performer share agreements vary depending on the industry and the specific terms negotiated between performers and the entity using their music. For example, a session musician may receive a flat fee for their work, while a featured artist may negotiate a percentage of the revenue earned from the song`s use.

PPL has its own performer share agreement, which is based on the type of usage and the time the recording was made. For example, if a recording was made after 1st November 2013 and is played on BBC Radio 1, the performer share is 0.0855 pence per second per performer. This means that if a three-minute song has four performers, each performer would earn approximately £15.39 for one play on BBC Radio 1.

It`s worth noting that performer share agreements are separate from songwriting royalties, which are paid to the composers and lyricists of a song. These royalties are often negotiated separately and depend on various factors, such as the song`s success and the number of times it`s played.

In conclusion, a performer share agreement is a crucial aspect of compensation for musicians and recording artists whose music is used in public or broadcasted on various platforms. PPL provides its own performer share agreement, but individual agreements may vary depending on the industry and specific terms negotiated. As always, it`s important to consult with legal and financial experts to ensure fair compensation and protection of rights.